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Dive Medicals

Updated: 19-Jan-2010

Queensland is one of the safest places in the world to dive.  This is partly because of the strict regulations & safety standards regarding diving, particularly Introductory Diving. 

Certain medical conditions may preclude people from participating in an Intro Dive, unless they have had a Dive Medical Exam ahead of time and receive a “Fit to Dive” certificate.  One common condition is asthma (and the person just has to have it in his/her history, not necessarily currently or recently suffering from it). 

Please note that overseas dive medicals or diver fitness certificates CANNOT be accepted unless the assessment certificate clearly and specifically states that the Dive Medical was carried out to the Australian Standard AS4005.1.

All passengers are required to fill out a medical declaration form in order to dive (certified or introductory diving).  Here is a link for further details

Many people are not aware of the regulations here in QLD, if you think you have a condition that may perclude you from scube diving then please refer to the medical declaration form or visit a medical centre for further advice.

This way if you do have a condition that requires permission from a Doctor, then at least you have been well-informed and have the opportunity to organise this BEFORE you have already boarded the boat, at which time it’s too late.

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