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Underwater Camera Hire

Updated: 03-Nov-2011

Make your trip to the Great Barrier Reef a memorable one! The Cairns Esplanade and Reef Fleet terminal offer various underwater camera hire options to capture your experience on the reef! Depending where you go, hire options can start from the standard underwater disposal cameras, to high quality digital underwater cameras, all at reasonable prices. Camera hire is offered per day or on a multi-day rate if you're looking to do a reef liveaboard. Many camera hire shops also offer underwater housings so that you can fit your own personal camera, mobile phone or iPhone for underwater use!

Wet Rez, located next to the Cairns Lagoon and Esplanade Precinct, have an extensive range of Canon digital underwater cameras and accessories for hire, rent and sale, perfect for snorkelling and diving. Click here for more info on Wet Rez!

Now that you’re packing an underwater camera, check out our tips for taking great underwater photos!

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